RedHen Raiser in Action

By Stephanie

This past summer, Sean shed some light on one of our most exciting Drupal contributions to date: RedHen Raiser, our open source peer-to-peer fundraising solution, the first of its kind to be built entirely with Drupal. Thanks to the Capital Area Food Bank of Washington, D.C., we finally had the opportunity to build a platform that would provide fundraisers a highly-customizable, Drupal alternative to SAAS applications like Causevox and Crowdrise.

After a year of leveraging Raiser as their vehicle for crowdfunding, we’re thrilled to see that the Capital Area Food Bank of Washington, D.C. brought in over $324,000, representing tens of thousands of pounds of food, through 17 different campaigns to help fight hunger in their community.

The Food Bank recently shared an infographic with its constituents that breaks down the donations they received through their RedHen Raiser campaigns over this past year.


It’s really exciting for us to think of what other organizations will accomplish with RedHen Raiser. Raiser’s features allow fundraisers to tailor their campaigns to fit a variety of causes. The Food Bank utilized the Teams feature to give local law firms their own fundraising pages during the “Food from the Bar” campaign. There are so many other possible applications: walk-a-thons, food drives, even parties – as the Food Bank has shown us – have the potential to be great fundraising opportunities for your organization, and they can all be easily managed with RedHen Raiser.

We can’t thank the Food Bank enough for working with us to release RedHen Raiser as an open source platform so other members of the Drupal nonprofit community can benefit from it, too – and, of course, make it even better.

Is your organization using RedHen Raiser to crowdfundraise? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your experience and share your story.