ThinkShout is moving!

By Lev

After nearly 5 years in our current Old Town location, we are moving, a whopping 20 feet across the street and 70 feet up, to the top floor of the Falcon building at the base of the Steel Bridge.

Portlandia Move by Bike

In Portlandia, we move by bike.

It’s been fascinating to watch how a physical space comes to reflect its occupants, and vice versa. In addition to stunning natural light, high ceilings, and warm, historical character, our office has encouraged a deep connection with our Old Town neighbors. We partner with p:ear Youth Mentoring on fundraising campaigns, volunteer at the Blanchet House, and have lunch & learns with Sisters of the Road, The Street Trust, and Clean and Safe. Being surrounded by the organizations we strive to support adds meaning to our daily routines and is a constant reminder of how much work remains.

But our lease is expiring and the team is growing, so we began a search that took us far and wide to all parts of the city. As is so often the case, though, the best choice was right in front of us all along. Not that it was an obvious decision. There are challenges that go along with being located in a neighborhood with such a high density of social services, and there’s even a large new shelter going in next door. I recently heard a talk given by the head of Transition Projects, speaking about one of their new shelters located near several businesses. They sent out letters promising to be a good neighbor and to keep the streets safe and clean. One organization responded by saying it’s we who intend to be good neighbors, by supporting the work you do in every way we can, from volunteering to fundraising, to showing respect for those you serve. I hope we can emulate that model as we settle into our new home, serving as a source of stability within a community going through transition.

Supporting the broader nonprofit, creative, and technology communities is a big part of our move as well. We’re in the rotation for DUG meetups, we’ve hosted talks for Design Week Portland, and occasionally host events for PDX WIT. But we also want to open our space up to the larger community and host meetups for POC in tech, the LGBTQ community, and other underrepresented and marginalized groups that often leave STEM fields for lack of support and equity in the workplace. Because we’re not just a place that pays lip service to a diversity pledge, we live those values, too.

Of course, our new office is first and foremost for our own team. We’re tripling the amount of space we have, adding a full kitchen to reflect the passions of the team (baking, cooking, and caring for each other), with stunning views in 3 directions, and outdoor balconies. I am not generally comfortable speaking about nice “things”, but the new office is not just a combination of material comforts. It’s a physical manifestation of everything this incredible team has accomplished, and they deserve to have a space that’s as inspiring as the work we do.

ThinkShout team collage: images from events and office life

Our team has grown significantly in the last 5 years, from a team of barely 13 to now 35 strong, and growing. We’ve expanded our practice beyond just being a team of experienced engineers with naive notions of the limited ways technology alone can support our clients missions. Our team now includes professional project managers, creative designers, and innovative strategists, along with that same talented engineering team. Together we’re striving to find ever more ways we can support the important work of our clients.

We’re excited for what’s ahead in the evolution of ThinkShout, and how our new office and growing team will reflect each other. But one thing remains the same: Our commitment to serve social good organizations, doing our part to make the world which we inhabit a more kind, equitable, and conscientious place.