Welcome our 2018 Summer Interns

By Natania

This summer, ThinkShout is participating in the Emerging Leaders Internship (ELI) program, and three interns will be joining our team to learn all about client relations, building websites, digital strategy, and get their feet wet in consulting and agency life.

ELI provides these internship opportunities specifically to young adults from underrepresented / minority groups. We love ELI because they provide a pathway to give these talented individuals the experience and connections they need to advance in their careers in the Portland community and beyond.

We hosted interns last summer as well, launching our ThinkShout Cares campaign. Through that, we gave our interns the opportunity to create a unique campaign (complete with campaign microsite, shopify integration, and marketing efforts) that raised money for p:ear and helped further their mission. It was a fun and rewarding project for both our team and the interns, and we’ll be kicking off a new project soon (stay tuned to see how that unfolds!).

But for now, let’s introduce our interns…drumroll please!


Kiele: UX and Design

Kiele.jpgKiele is a student at George Fox University majoring in Graphic Design, with minors in Apparel Design and Project Management. She has been the creative director and event coordinator for George Fox, designed a board game called “Rockville,” and been a digital marketing intern for a company called BendPoly. You can see her whole profile of work at her website.

What do you love most about the internet?

How vast the internet is! It not only holds so much information, but it makes communication so much easier and quicker. I feel like the internet has created a platform where life has simply been made easier. Plus, gifs and memes are incredible! They always make my day just a little bit better.

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why?

I would haunt Snoop Dogg because frankly if he got high enough, he just might actually see me.

Favorite meme / gif reaction:

Manta Ray

Naily: Frontend Developer

Naily.jpgNaily is a student of the University of Oregon (go Ducks!) majoring in Art & Technology with a minor in Computer Information Technology and Business Administration.

More recently, Naily has been serving as the Art Director for Majesty Digital, a startup publication for women of color to share their lived experiences. In this role, she has helped to establish their brand and release their first volume. You can find it at majestydigital.org.

What do you love most about the internet?

One of my favorite aspects of the internet is the ability to find a community, regardless of where you are in the world. As more people begin to use the internet and participate in online discussion, it becomes easier to find others who share similar experiences/mindsets, establish a sense of solidarity, and organize to create positive change.

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why?

If I were a ghost, I would haunt Nicholas Kristof! He has been my favorite journalist since I read his book Half the Sky in middle school.

Favorite meme / gif reaction:

Stay Sane

Sadio: Backend Developer

Sadio.jpgSadio is a recent graduate of Portland State University where she received a Bachelor of Science. And, she has completed the Epicodus program, a code school where a couple of us ThinkShouters have also trained for a career writing code.

The work she is most proud of is with Daughters of Eve (DOE). A founding member, in 2012 Sadio helped launch this nonprofit dedicated to creating a healthy atmosphere of education and fun for young women and girls. She currently serves as the organization’s front-end developer and creative director. Sadio feels passionate about DOE, in part because, in her own words, “it gave me and many other girls a platform to explore and learn more about our identity, religion and be able to give back to our communities.”

What do you love most about the internet?

My favorite thing about the internet is how it makes so many things accessible to us. If you want to learn a new language, a new recipe, or how to fix a weird error you keep getting, you can find everything really easily.

If you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why?

I would troll the world cup and mess with the soccer ball by making it go different directions from where it was kicked.

Favorite meme / gif reaction:

That way

We’re thrilled to have such talented and charismatic interns. Keep track of their progress over the course of the summer by signing up for our newsletter!