Spoiler alert: Adding “SEO” won’t fix your weak content

By Natania

The Weekly Spark is here to kickstart your week. This issue is brought to you by Chelsea, Kate, Natania, Thomas, and Vicki.

(1) Microsoft employees take a stand against weapons development

A letter to Microsoft leaders is the latest instance of tech workers standing up to their companies’ lines of business or policies. [NPR]

(2) Finally, a checkmark in the “win” column for Google employees

After sustained employee protests, Google decided to change its policy and allow employees to sue the company over discrimination or wrongful termination. [Wired]

(3) Spoiler alert: SEO won’t fix your weak content

The SEO game is in constant flux, but good content always wins…and this checklist should help too. [LinkedIn]

(4) Nine ways to enhance visual storytelling on mobile

With mobile traffic creeping its way up to and exceeding 50% of your site visits, these nine concepts for visual storytelling are a must-see. [Reuters Institute]

(5) Speaking of storytelling…

A good story is one that is etched in the memory of your constituents when they think of and reference your organization. That’s why we love these seven habits of great storytelling from Pixar. [Build ACL]

(6) The hits keep coming for Facebook

In-game purchases are so seamlessly integrated into Facebook’s platform, that children didn’t realize they were spending actual money when using Facebook credits. It’s just another way the platform is engaging in unfair, exploitative practices. [Reveal News]

(7) $1 million to highlight social issues

For the 2nd year in a row, Bloomberg Philanthropies is supporting public art projects in 4 cities across the US to address social issues. Projects from the first year contributed an estimated $13 million in economic growth across the four participating cities — now that’s a return on investment. [Fast Company]

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