Why aren't we asking the *biggest* question when it comes to data privacy?

The Weekly Spark

From how to make meaning out of what you’re paying attention to on the Internet, to what it means for a nonprofit focused on AI to move into a “capped” profit structure, here’s another Spark to kickstart your week. This issue is brought to you by Chelsea, Kate, Natania, Rebecca, Sarah, and the rest of the ThinkShout team.

(1) Spark joy… and open rates!

There’s something to be said for cleaning things up. Shirts. Pants. Subscribers on your email lists. And there’s also something to be said for being bold enough to ask the folks on your list if they’d still like to be there: maybe it’s time to declutter for deliverability. [M+R]

(2) What matters when it comes to attention on the Internet?

That’s the billion dollar question that media organizations large and small are trying to solve. What if pageviews aren’t the most important measure of your organization’s impact? Where do you turn to deliver value then? [Neiman Labs]

(3) We’re in awe:

These tents—designed by an award-winning Jordanian-Canadian architect at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis—store water and save solar energy. Only one step left before this life-saving technology becomes a reality: Production that actually adheres to the core design. Sound like a familiar challenge? [Egyptian Streets]

(4) Why is it legal to sell our data?

And when was the last time that you asked yourself that question? Forget about microtargeting, hyperpersonalization, and an ever-encroaching future controlled by AI: What if we ask, instead, why any companies can sell our data for any reason? [Fast Company]

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(5) Planning, together, for a resilient future.

Current ThinkShout client ChangeLabs Solutions helps constituents advocate for equitable public health around the country. Here’s a great example of how they’re making an impact for leaders at the state and local level while Princeville—the oldest incorporated Black town in the country—rebuilds from Hurricane Matthew. [ChangeLabs Solutions]

(6) Everybody should read this.

Anyone who uses the internet will want to know that their own social media presences will soon be used to create phishing campaigns that are way more sophisticated and real-looking than the scammy link email we recognize today. And anyone who helps build the internet will want to track subversive uses of the same tools they’re implementing for good. [Buzzfeed]

(7) It’s impossible to compete in AI without massive capital?

Apparently, that’s how the leadership over at Open AI feels: They’re moving from a nonprofit funding model to a “capped” profit model, all in an effort to generate the kind of revenue that’s ostensibly necessary to attract top minds. [Tech Crunch]

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