Is authenticity dead? Some thoughts on keeping it personal

The Weekly Spark

From human experiences shaping spatial experiences, to an open source initiative from the Times that will help maintain order in your life (or at least your documents). This issue is brought to you by Kate, Natania, Eric, and the rest of the ThinkShout team.

(1) Remote technology brings relief to survivors

Telehealth brings critical services to rural areas, where partner violence happens at a higher rate, and is less frequently reported. [Ohio Valley Resource]

(2) Authenticity on the internet is dead

With the rise of influencers, algorithms, and bots, who can we really trust? [Fast Company]

(3) Location is Personal: Cartography edition

This monthly newsletter from Lo Bénichou and Amy Lee Walton of Mapbox explores how human experiences shape the spatial experience. This month they dive into the concept of feminist cartography…do we have the attention of map-lovers out there? [Mapbox]

(4) Labels can’t tell you who you are

Eve Simon, Creative Director at Beaconfire, shares how labels can simultaneously be right and wrong; and how simple changes by the planners of SXSW improved the experience for her exponentially. [Eve Simon]

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(5) A better way to maintain internal documentation

We’re big fans of open source…which is why we love this new initiative from the Times to help make vast amounts of information centrally located, and easily findable. [The New York Times]

(6) AI IRL

At ThinkShout, we constantly explore the connection between digital engagement and real-life impact. That’s why we’ve got our eye on how brick and mortar retailers are applying AI to personalize in-store shopping experiences. [Vogue Business]

(7) It shouldn’t be this hard…

Identifying hate speech should be pretty clear-cut, yet Anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States continues to find a home on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Some groups are working hard to get such content taken down, but it shouldn’t be this challenging. [Mother Jones]

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