Do Socially Responsible Products Make an Impact?

By Kate

The Weekly Spark is here to kickstart your week. This issue is brought to you by Brendan, Eric, Kate, Natania, and the rest of the ThinkShout team.

(1) On technical inventions that have changed everything…

From doing dishes to seeing clearly to medical innovations that have saved millions on millions of lives, nothing would be the same if not for these brilliant Black innovators. [New York Times]

(2) Data! Security!

Ok, ok. So basically no one gets as excited about security and privacy as we do. But if—as a small company—we can prioritize protecting our clients’ on the Internet, global corporations should be able to do the same. It literally takes 9 steps. [Electronic Frontier Foundation]

(3) What’s the point of wireframing?

Before you start to question everything, take a look at this thoughtful take on whether or not it makes sense to continue the “best practice” of wireframing. [Visual Design]

(4) Milliseconds earn millions.

Google took the words right out of our mouths: The faster your site loads, the more money you’ll be able to raise. A one-second delay in mobile load times can decrease conversion rates by up to 20 percent. (PS: We’re experts in lightening-fast sites. Ask us about what we can do for your organization.) [Think With Google]

(5) Do socially responsible products make an impact?

Well, the short of it is this: only if people buy them, and the trends are going in the wrong direction. There’s no need to panic, but we really, really need to talk about motivations. [Fast Company]

(6) Turns out that the first step is the most important step…

When it comes to machine learning, anyway. If your data is bad—the way it’s collected, cleaned, coded, and applied—then the tools that flow forth are relatively useless. [Harvard Business Review]

(7) Please care about 5G

We recommend that everyone listen in to this episode of The Daily, because like it or not, the fight for 5G may just be akin to the next virtual cold war. [New York Times]

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