Nonprofits are trailing in inclusion — these resources can help

By Chelsea

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 16, we’re dedicating this week’s Spark to all things focused on accessible and inclusive approaches in digital.

Brought to you by Chelsea, Jules, and Kate.

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(1) Study finds that nonprofits are trailing in inclusion

This important report from RespectAbility—a bipartisan group focused on inclusion for individuals with disabilities—reveals that while nonprofits are not focusing enough on inclusion of people with disabilities, there are many easy opportunities to improve. [Associations Now]

(2) A deep dive into trans-inclusive design

If your website features images, uses forms, or produces content (that’s all of us!) consider how to integrate these critical principles into your daily work. [A List Apart]

(3) New tech is on the horizon to create a more inclusive digital world

(4) Gender-fluid emoji are finally here

Google launched 53 updated, gender-ambiguous emoji as part of a beta release for Pixel smartphones last week. That means Apple and other competitors are soon to follow. [Fast Company]

(5) A call to not just log off, but space out

The pace of digital ideation and development is cutthroat and leaves little room for boredom, which historically has been at the root of creativity and innovation. [Medium]

(6) Why most redesigns fail

Some great learnings here on how to make sure your redesign doesn’t fail, after looking at some big name big fails. [freeCode Camp]

(7) MailChimp has launched itself into the world of “all-in-one marketing platforms.”