Introducing ThinkShout’s WonderLab

By Lev

If you thought that ThinkShout was named for an approach to the flaring phase of rapid prototyping, one where we all think and then shout and then think and then shout in quick succession without ever culling our ideas for quality—you’d be wrong, but we’d understand why you thought that in the first place. The tech industry really isn’t known for thoughtfulness.

It’s true, ThinkShout is technically part of a culture that has moved fast and broken things. A lot of things. But our company has always been different: First and foremost because we only serve organizations that put people and the planet first. But as importantly, because we’re not here to make a billion, we’re here to make the world better. And in 2020, making the world better means making better tech. As Kara Swisher and Ezra Klein so simply put it: every story has become a tech story

To do that, our charge is to live our values of Optimism, Curiosity, Transparency, Impact, Compassion, and Inclusivity through every deliverable, project, and client. We spend our days engaged with problems that range from complex interactive data visualizations to routine podcast distributions. We’re here to serve the immediate needs and the future visions of some of the most powerful change agents in the country. Regardless of the output, if it ships from our shop, it aligns with our values. But in order to do that, we, too, have to dream beyond a single project or performance indicator.

That’s why we’re proud to announce The WonderLab: a space and a structure for our team to answer some of the thorniest issues facing our clients—and by extension, our world. A space where our team can apply curiosity, optimism, and impact to offer solutions that hinge on what’s possible, not just what’s probable. We’ll pursue emerging strategies, but not at all costs:

  • We refuse to sacrifice a culture of belonging in the name of exponential progress.
  • We believe that impact and profitability are not synonymous: They are complimentary.
  • Likewise, we are not beholden to profitability in the name of impact.

The WonderLab will routinely bring forward a new challenge, framed by one of eight core challenges faced by our clients and our industry. More importantly, we’ll present a brand-new solution—a rethinking of an everyday experience, a reimagining of a foundational stance—and threaded through each of our possibilities for the future, a deep questioning of how we might better balance the relationship between digital and decency.

Check out our first series on Consent Based Calibration and join the discussion. We can’t wait to hear what you think!