Now is the Time to Make a Stand for Freedom

By Lev

It would be much easier to say nothing. To remain silent, and avoid the risk of upsetting one group or another. Of having your intent misalign with impact.

But now is not the time for silence and neutrality. Much as we are all complicit if we do nothing to fight against racism, bigotry, and prejudice, we all have a responsibility to stand up for those most harmed by this administration. Black and brown people. The queer community. Immigrants and asylum seekers. Women. All of us.

This election, we are not simply choosing between policy positions and candidate profiles. We are choosing between basic human rights and oppression. Between justice and a rigged legal system. Between equal opportunity and corruption. Between a democracy and an oppressive minority rule.

ThinkShout is proud to stand alongside progressive communities across the nation in opposing the toxic and dangerous Trump administration. Please join us and vote to ensure your voice is heard. Together, we can create the change our nation and the world so desperately needs. Nothing is more important.