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Pixel Perfect Project Foundations: Part One of a Series

How to create websites that look good at any size, on any device.

The Secrets of Keeping Your Content Editors Happy

With contributions from Tracey Whitney and Joe Komenda

A Node by Any Other Name

Joe walks us through Drupal's idiosyncratic naming conventions!

Automatic Page Generation with Custom Entity Routes

Drupal's paragraphs module can be used to make child pages automatically by using custom entity routes.

Space for Empathy

How do we make space for empathy in our work and in our community? Jules takes us on a deep dive into what she learned at this year's DrupalCon

Preparing for the GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations go into effect May 25th. Here's how you need to prepare.

That's a wrap from New Orleans!

A quick recap on Drupal Day and what's to come

Teaching Tolerance is nominated for a Webby!

They need your votes to win it all.

ThinkShout hits all the conferences

See you at DrupalCon and the NTC!


Meet Bene, an affordable, open-source website solution for nonprofits

A low cost website for small nonprofits bundling content management, mission critical features, a tailored user experience, hosting, and strategic support.

My First BADCamp

Amy and Jules tell us all about their first ever BADCamp experience!

The WYSIWYG is a Lie

Drupal's CKEditor does not show the styles from the default theme. Let's fix that and make WYSIWYG true again.

Upgrading MailChimp eCommerce and an Introduction to Drupal 8's Event System

Get your hooks out of Drupal with Drupal 8's event system.

Fade To Black - Responsive CSS Gradients

Smoothly transitioning from an image to a solid color can be tough. Let's make it easier.

Skipping a Version - Migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 with Drupal Migrate

The differences between Drupal 6 and Drupal 8 are pretty major, but thankfully, making the jump is singificantly easier with Drupal Migrate.

What to Think About When You're Thinking About a Redesign

Mimi poses a few questions you should ask yourself before embarking on a website overhaul.

Meet the ThinkShout Team at DrupalCon Baltimore

We're off to Baltimore for a week of Drupal. Here's where you can find us.

See You at the NTC

Meet the ThinkShout team at the NTC in D.C.

The 2017 ThinkShout Front-End Stack

A solid base for theming world-class websites, regardless of CMS.

Using Google Docs and Migrate to Populate Your Drupal Site, Part 2

In part 2, learn how to get your own migration up and running.

Using Google Docs and Migrate to Populate Your Drupal Site, Part 1

There's more than one way to migrate content to your site. In part one, we show you how with Migrate & Google Sheets.


Nonprofit Payment Processing with iATS

Learn more about why we're such big fans of iATS Payments.

Demystifying Rendered Content in Drupal 8 Twig Files

New to Drupal 8 theming? These tips might make the learning curve a little less steep.

Content Modeling in Drupal 8

Avoid creating overly complex content systems in Drupal by keeping these few things in mind.

See No Email, Hear No Email, Speak No Email

MailChimp API 2.0 is about to go extinct - here’s what you need to know.

Drupal 8 Routing Tricks for Better Admin URLs

Utilize Drupal 8's routing system for a better admin experience.

The Hidden Power of Documentation

Joe discusses the many benefits of project documentation.

See You in the Big Easy

Connect with the ThinkShout team at DrupalCon New Orleans!

Drupal 8 File-based Configuration on Pantheon

Greg explores some of the benefits of file-based configuration with Pantheon.

Syncing Up with Drupal 8 and Browsersync

Theming trouble? Try Browsersync!

Customize Menu Items in Drupal User Profile

Learn how to change menu items with a little bit of code.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Nominated for a Webby

Our redesign of the SPLC site is up for a Webby!

Networking, Content Strategy, and Web Development at the 2016 NTC

Natania rounds up our 2016 NTC takeaways.

Meet ThinkShout at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Connect with us at the NTC!

The Next Chapter for Mandrill

Changes and recommendations for transactional email in Drupal

Porting ThinkShout to Drupal 8

Bringing our open source contributions to Drupal 8

Drupal Global Events in Portland

Join us for some great Drupal events here in Portland!

RedHen Raiser in Action

The Capital Area Food Bank shares their RedHen Raiser successes.

The End of the Beginning

Saying goodbye to Sean and exciting things ahead for ThinkShout.

Stepping Down As CEO, Stepping Into Colorado

Five Years

2015 in review and the years ahead


Supporting Young Inventors with RedHen

We built a brand new Drupal-based tool for Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams.

Up and Theming with Drupal 8

Part 2 of our series dives into Drupal 8 theming.

Up and Running with Drupal 8

Get going with Drupal 8 with the help of our two-part guides.

Meet the ThinkShout Team at BADCamp!

We're heading to the Bay Area Drupal Camp this week, and so should you!

Free Salesforce and RedHen Trainings at BADCamp

Join us at BADCamp for two half-day trainings!

Ready or Not: Dreamforce for the Nonprofit Drupaller

It's time to talk Dreamforce.

Video Tutorial - "Introduction to RedHen CRM"

We have a brand new video guide for setting up RedHen CRM.

Migrating from Luminate CRM to Drupal and the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

A case for Drupal and Salesforce's NPSP as a superior alternative to Blackbaud's Luminate CRM.

Relaunching the Southern Poverty Law Center's Website

ThinkShout officially relaunches the SPLC site.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising With Drupal - RedHen Raiser

We take a closer look at a RedHen Raiser success story.

Sprinting on Entity Registration

We put our heads together to tackle the Entity Registration module.

Four Things You Can Learn About Content Strategy...from Mad Max

If your content resembles a post-apocalyptic wasteland, take some tips from George Miller.

Introducing the ThinkShout Interns

Meet ThinkShout and the Drupal Association's interns!

A Tale of Two Devsigners

Stephanie sits down with our design team to talk trends, projects, and Devsigner

DrupalCon LA - A Designer's Perspective

Design and UX at DrupalCon LA

Committing to D8 Core - A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

The story of one ThinkShouter's first commit to D8 core at DrupalCon Los Angeles

Meet the ThinkShout Team at DrupalCon LA!

We're ready for some Drupal fun in the sun.

Monkeying Around with D8

Porting the MailChimp Module to Drupal 8 for DrupalCon LA

Drupal and Salesforce Integrations Get Some (Data) Integrity

Adding data integrity and other enterprise features to the Drupal-Salesforce integration.

The How and Why of Nonprofits Contributing to Open Source

Let's debunk some open source myths.

Join ThinkShout for Drupal Day and the NTC

We'll see you in Austin!

Reimagined Sprints and Introducing RedHen Raiser

Great team sprints lead to great team accomplishments.

The Clutter and the Deceptively Simple

Trends in Nonprofit Tech to Watch in 2015

The Power of a Collaborative Community

Looking at the past year and the year ahead for the Drupal Community.


Six Scary Words and Un-hacking Drupal

Getting hacked is terrifying, but it doesn't have to be.

Oregon Zoo Small Actions

We created an "action portal" for the Oregon Metro Zoo in Portland. Here's how.

It's a Good Time to Go to BADCamp

Join us at BADCamp 2014 and the Nonprofit Summit.

Getting Started with Behat

Learn everything you need to know to start using Behat today.

Adding Encrypted USB Card Reader Support to Commerce iATS

Process credit card payments quickly and securely using an encrypted USB card reader.

The Small Business of Open Source

There's a whole lot to gain by giving away your code.

Nonprofit Website Benchmarks

Do you know what your site's metrics are telling you? We have some resources for you that can help.

Deploying a Jekyll Site on GitHub, Travis CI, and Amazon S3

Using Travis CI to deploy a Jekyll based site to Amazon S3.

Online Fundraising with RedHen Donation

ThinkShout is proud to offer RedHen Donation, a new online donation form.

Responsive Images in Drupal with the Picture Module

Want responsive images on your Drupal 7 site? Use a Drupal 8 backport to get the job done.

Getting Started with SASS for Drupal and Zen, Part II

Dig deeper into SASS with part two of this series.

Safeguard Your Nonprofit's Website with NodeSquirrel

Looking for a low-cost layer of backup security for your website? Consider NodeSquirrel.

Desire Paths, Part 2: Your Website is Telling You a Story

Your site's metrics will tell you a lot about your content.

Navigating Entity URIs: A Practical Example

Find out how to wrestle proper URIs out of all sorts of stubborn entities.

Creating an Infinite Scroll Masonry Block Without Views

Having trouble applying infinite scroll to custom block content? We've got a process for that.

Meet the ThinkShout Team at DrupalCon Austin

Going to Austin next week? Check out our lineup of BoFs and sessions.

Chimpfestation, A Closer Look at the New MailChimp Module

There are plenty of features to go ape for in our latest beta release of the MailChimp Module.

Commerce iATS 2.0

Our latest release of Commerce iATS brings ACH/EFT and Direct Debit payments.

What Nonprofits Can Learn About Content Structure… from Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam's website is a great example of good content strategy.

Exporting Custom Date Formats in Drupal

Having trouble exporting dates in Drupal? We've got an easy solution for you.

"Big Data" Challenges with Salesforce for Facing History and Ourselves

Synchronizing 300,000+ Salesforce records with Drupal RedHen

Slice and Dice Entities with View Modes and Bean Entity View

A new Drupal module to display entities as blocks.

Desire Paths, Part 1: Retracing Your Audience's Steps

Resolve the dichotomy between “Desire Paths” and “the desired path.”

Refactoring The iATS Drupal Commerce Module

Refactoring the Commerce iATS module.

Reflections on Drupal Day: Creating a One-Size-Fits-All Day for Nonprofit Professionals and Technologists

Learning a new technology can be incredibly intimidating.

The Technology Behind the New

How we used Jekyll, Foundation, GitHub, and Amazon S3 to build and deploy the new

Announcing the Release of the PHP Wrapper for iATS Payments

How we are helping iATS Payments serve more nonprofit customers.


Getting Started with SASS for Drupal and Zen

Want to get started using SASS/Compass with Drupal?

Building Community, Building Drupal at the BADCamp Nonprofit Summit!

If you've never been to the Bay Area Drupal Camp, we strongly recommend you consider attending this year.

Launching 17 Drupal websites on a single distribution, hosted on Pantheon

How we built a flexible, integrated CMS & CRM solution for repeat deployment with Pantheon hosting

Don't fear the monkey! Introducing a friendlier MailChimp module.

Changes to our MailChimp module.

Don't let arrays make you loopy!

PHP provides some nice functions that can get you what you need from an array without having to loop through a huge Drupal Node array.

Thank you, RedHen DrupalCon sprinters!

Our RedHen code sprint at DrupalCon last Friday was a great success.

RedHen at DrupalCon

DrupalCon Portlandand RedHen, the leading native Drupal CRM.

Drink beer. Support a great family.

First day of DrupalCon Portland, to honor Aaron Winborn.

Zen and the Art of Farmyard Maintenance

RedHen version 7.x-1.2.

10 hot topics in nonprofit Drupal tech

As the technology conference season ramps up, these are foremost on our radar.

ThinkShout welcomes Brett Meyer to the team!

ThinkShout is very proud to announce that Brett Meyer has joined our team.

Join ThinkShout for Drupal Day at the 2013 NTC

Everything I always knew must be doable with Drupal isn't just possible, it's in process.

Mandrill 1.3: playing nice and offering more! (updated: 1.4)

What's next for Mandrill.

Free Range RedHen: Code Sprint at the ThinkShout Office

Time to circle up in the office and bust out an open source sprint.

Drupal Development a la ThinkShout: setting up your environment

The domain of developers is naturally fraught with some of the most obtuse configuration oddities.


7 Steps to Pain-Free Process Improvement for Growing Nonprofits

Common & problematic misunderstanding about whether problems are related to Process or Technology.

Salesforce Integration with REST, OAUTH, and Entities

The Drupal Salesforce Suite has been around since Drupal 5, having undergone many transformations in trying to keep pace with both Drupal and Salesforce API changes. The result is a feature set as impressive as it is ambitious, although the incremental updates and additions have come at a cost of significant technical debt, inconsistent API usage, a monolithic architecture, and fragility.

RedHen in the spotlight at BADCamp

I just got back from a fabulous weekend at BADCamp...

It's that time of year again, BADCamp

A line up that will suit the interests of pretty much every community member in attendance.

Under the Hood of RedHen CRM

The ThinkShout team will be at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit if anyone wants to connect.

RedHen in the Wild: Mission Investors Exchange

Deploying a tightly integrated consituent relationship management (CRM) system.

ThinkShout welcomes Betsy Ensley, Director of Professional Services

Betsy Ensley has joined our team as our new Director of Professional Services.

RedHen and Mandrill - 10-minute Setup for a Bulk Mail Tool

RedHen CRM is a native CRM solution for Drupal 7.

Engagement Scoring - A Case for Native Drupal CRM

Measuring the interactions between site visitors and your website.

RedHen CRM Part 2: Welcome To The Hen House

See how the framework could be leveraged to build an association management system (AMS).

RedHen CRM Part 1, Keeping all your eggs in one Drupal basket

ThinkShout is proud to announce the Alpha release of RedHen CRM.

Introducing the Relevant Content Bean

Allow site admins to create their own dynamically-filtered listings of node content in a block.

An Adventure in iCal, my First Module

Writing my own module to release to the Drupal community.

MailChimp adds Mandrill Integration & Campaign Creation

A long list of improvements and new features

Welcoming DrupalCon to PDX with a Splash

The 2013 DrupalCon will be held in our very own Portland, OR.

NTC Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals

The first ever Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals event at NTC.

Sign Up for Entities and Fields

Last year we began work on an entity-based alternative to Signup.

When I say Think, you say Shout! A look into ThinkShout's Site Redesign and Responsive Theme

A responsive theme for ThinkShout's redesign.

Terms and Trends in DIY and Open Source Online Maps

Implementing truly gorgeous online maps still requires some custom code and technical know-how.


What we're up to; what we're into

Alas, the "we should blog about that" queue is getting pretty heavy here at the office.

ThinkShout "Under the hood" at this year's Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

ThinkShout is proud to support this year's Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit as a "Silver" sponsor.

A mime is a terrible thing to waste

One of the first projects I am working on here at ThinkShout requires full-text search of file attachments.

OpenLayers Love for Drupal 7

Mapping has become a significant component of many of ThinkShout's projects over the last couple years.

Staying Sharp, Releasing Helper Modules

The Footer Message Module as a Case Study

MailChimp 2.0: Anatomy of a Drupal module rewrite

A major milestone for integration between MailChimp and Drupal.

Redmine and Gitosis, project management nirvana?

Tools to manage features, bugs, tasks, and communicate with your clients


A beginner's guide to using Hudson for continuous integration with Drupal

The only way to make sure that installation profiles are built correctly is to build them up from scratch.

Leave No Drupal Dev Behind

The increased discussion of Drupal engineering certifications concerns me.

Watershed Now! released!! (For geeks)

We literally just tagged our first 0.1 release of Watershed Now! on GitHub this morning.


6 Drupal Modules to Improve Administration/Editorial Usability

Cut down on Drupal admin interface clutter, and help out Drupal content editors.

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