Content Strategy & Metrics

Strategy to Inspire Action

We build websites that inspire action. We help clients reach new audiences and engage more meaningfully with existing stakeholders. Our web development process begins with requirements gathering and content strategy. We then help our clients build comprehensive plans for evaluating the long-term success of their website, messaging, and digital outreach.

At its basest level, content strategy for nonprofit websites is simple: provide great content and clear pathways to deeper engagement and your supporters will reward you by becoming lifelong activists and donors.

In practice, however, that simple idea branches out to reflect the various online audiences and their diverse reasons for arriving at a website in the first place – particularly when their motivations are far afield from an organization’s goals.

We believe content strategy hinges on understanding three things:

  • Organizational goals;
  • The organization’s audiences and their motivations; and
  • The content that connects the two, with strong regard for how users find and access it.

We’ve developed and refined a set of practices that not only define and codify organizational content strategy, but set the stage for a technical implementation.

Web Engagement Metrics

We start with the data. Analytics data allows us to begin shaping an understanding of what our clients’ online visitors want, and the devices they’re using to access it.

Our analysis is centered on the concept of “desire paths.” Recognizing that people want to take the shortest path to meet their own needs allows us to identify gaps and potential improvements in the information architecture of a site, even as we collect the data that will inform our later understanding of your online audiences.

This initial work is foundational to the metrics and evaluation work done over the course of our projects – both to define what success looks like and to provide clear guidance on how to make and test incremental improvements over time.

  • Data Analytics and Desire Path Analysis
  • Testing and Measurement Plans
  • Success Metrics & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Content Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Benchmarks

Requirements Gathering

We’re not going to pretend we can learn everything about our clients’ work in just a few short days or even weeks. Our clients are partners every step of the way, co-developing the content strategy – and the resulting platform – that will help deepen the impact they can make.

Through a series of structured activities and discussions, we curate a mutual understanding of the organizational goals central to the success of the website and the content it will hold as well as the core audiences the content is meant to reach.

Our Discovery process is tailored to meet the needs of each unique client.

  • Audience Definition & Prioritization
  • Personas
  • Organizational Goals Development
  • Cores and Paths

Email, Social Marketing, and Content Governance

The strategy work we do with our clients informs all of the content they generate, from blog posts to tweets to direct mail appeals. Content strategy, at its best, reinforces and extends organizational branding.

We work with our clients to create cohesive messaging architectures across channels, in particular by creating a content governance plan codifying the process of creating, editing, approving, and getting content out into the appropriate channels.

  • Social Strategy
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • List Segmentation
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Content Governance Plans

Online Fundraising & Campaigns

Rare is the nonprofit website that convinces a visitor to donate the first time they encounter it. Donor cultivation is part art, part science, part perseverance – but dependent on great content. We work with our clients to develop the strategies and tactics that will make their fundraising more effective.

From segmented welcome series to drip campaigns to direct mail appeals, we’ve helped dozens of organizations improve their fundraising capacity by keeping the focus on the needs of the donors, using every available channel to deliver the compelling content within the framework of their overarching content strategy.

  • Cross-channel Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Donor Engagement Strategy
  • Community Development

Content Strategy & Metrics

We build websites that inspire action. We help clients reach new audiences and engage more meaningfully with existing stakeholders.

Website Design & User Experience

We approach design collaboratively, beginning with an iterative discovery process centered on adaptive, mobile-first content.

Web Application Development

We are nationally recognized leaders in web application development for nonprofits. Geeks at heart, we love playing on the bleeding edge of web technology.

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Users experience nonprofits across channels, not departments. Every interaction is an opportunity to increase their engagement.