Digital Strategy

Inspire Action

We partner with mission-driven organizations to develop and implement strategies that grow audiences, raise funds, and amplify voices. Together, we can build strong, effective engagement ecosystems.

Engagement doesn’t happen by accident - it takes careful planning, and most importantly time. We are here to do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the day-to-day tasks that keep your organization up and running.

Our offerings are designed to address common pain points for nonprofits that we have either seen or experienced first-hand. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and we want to make your life easier.

Focus Areas and Offerings

Unsure if users are engaging with key content?
Have your donations or email sign ups plateaued?
Never closely examined user behavior on your site?

Start with a Website Audit and Metrics

Emails under-performing?
Open and click through rates dropping?
Unsubscribe rates on the rise?
Are you reacting rather than being proactive about your messages?

We can help with a Communications Audit

Struggling to attract traffic to your site?
Users not interacting with your content?
Site traffic trending downwards?
Attracting users, but email lists aren’t growing?

Let’s look at your Digital Marketing and Acquisition Strategies

Want to raise money from more individuals, with greater frequency?
Want to increase your pool of monthly donors/sustainers?
Feel like you’re doing everything right, but the dollars don’t add up?

Time to examine your Fundraising and Campaigns

Struggling to identify your user’s motivations?
Do you know if your content addresses their needs?

We can help develop your Content Strategy

Need graphics to bring your campaign to life?
Is your typography or brand inconsistent across your site?

Our designers can help with your Campaign Assets and Design

We can help you reach your aggressive goals – drop us a line and let’s start a conversation!

Website Audit and Metrics Evaluation

Successful strategies depend on more than just gut instinct. ThinkShout’s practice begins by looking at the data. Google Analytics shows us what users are actually doing and what content they’re engaging with, as well as what they’re not interested in. Then we ask how these findings align with your goals. We work to bridge the gap between user needs and getting them to take valuable actions you want them to take to support your mission.

This initial work is foundational to the metrics and evaluation work done over the course of our projects – both to define what success looks like and to provide clear guidance on how to make and test incremental improvements over time.

Communications Audit

Sometimes, you just need to get an email out the door because you realized #GivingTuesday is in a week (we’ve all been there). But it’s impossible to improve and refine your strategy if you’re always reacting to what’s next rather than planning for it.

Successful marketing plans don’t just happen - they take planning and focused effort. It can be difficult and frustrating to make improvements when there’s barely time to focus on the next outbound message. ThinkShout can assist with a communications audit that examines current processes to identify easy wins and strategies to help elevate your messaging to get the results you desire.

Digital Marketing and Acquisition

Whether it’s building brand awareness, a seasonal promotion, a local Day of Giving, or a major capital campaign — you need to do more than toss up a Facebook post and swap out the hero image on your home page. Successful campaigns amplify your cause, attracting new supporters and re-engaging current ones.

We work with organizations at the local and national scale to set multi-channel strategies with a low-barrier of entry to users, ensuring that the benefits of connecting to your cause are evident.

Our engagement doesn’t end at launch, either. We’ll work with you to ensure actions and outcomes are measurable so you can report back to your board and leadership team with confidence. From concepting to deployment, we are here to serve as your resource and guides in whatever capacity you desire.

Online Fundraising and Campaigns

People choose to support your cause because they trust you’ll make good use of their investment. How do you nurture a relationship with hundreds, thousands, or even just 20 individuals on your list?

Our strategists started their careers in development/fundraising departments at nonprofits. They know that if your audience doesn’t trust you, or know how you’ll use their funds to affect change, they’ll be less likely to support your cause. We work with our clients to help build communication plans that cultivate strong relationships with their users and stand the test of time.

Prior to arriving at ThinkShout, members of our team raised millions of dollars for organizations implementing strategies predicated on this knowledge, executing them with the systems and tools that allowed those efforts to succeed. Let’s start a conversation about your goals and audiences, and how we can bridge the gap to make your mission one of the top causes of your supporters.

Content Strategy

At its basest level, content strategy for nonprofit websites is simple: provide great content and clear pathways to deeper engagement and your supporters will reward you by becoming lifelong activists and donors.

In practice, however, that simple idea branches out to reflect the various online audiences and their diverse reasons for arriving at a website in the first place – particularly when their motivations are far afield from an organization’s goals.

We believe content strategy hinges on understanding three things:

  • Organizational goals;
  • The organization’s audiences and their motivations; and
  • The content that connects the two, with strong regard for how users find and access it.

We’ve developed and refined a set of practices that not only define and codify organizational content strategy, but set the stage for a technical implementation.

Campaign Assets and Design

We pride ourselves on our ability to craft strong, clean designs that deliver a cohesive and pleasant user experience. Your strategy and outreach materials often require accompanying graphics. Whether it’s repurposing content from your direct mail outreach or coming up with a revised brand identity for a campaign, our designers are equipped to guide the discussion to assess how we can best serve you.

Marketing campaigns can have two prongs:

  1. Reinforce the brand itself with a clear message, which communicates your mission and immediate goals.
  2. The campaign itself has its own unique branding supported by organizational branding.

Our staff has a wealth of experience in both areas and can provide assets such as:

  • Email Design
  • Digital Banner Ads
  • Campaign Graphics: hero images, social media, general website graphics
  • Supporting printed materials

For a uniquely branded campaign, we would extend the scope of work to encompass more of a traditional discovery engagement. This can include the following campaign branding elements:

  • Logo
  • Branding graphics/imagery
  • Pairing the campaign with the current existing brand

Your brand identity speaks to your organization’s mission and resonates with the motivations of your online audiences. We approach design collaboratively, centered on adaptive, mobile-first content.

Visual aesthetic completes the success of a digital experience. Through smart design, clean typography, and bold imagery, we bring your content to life and make it accessible to all audiences that come into contact with your mission.

Want to learn more about what our partnership would look like? Contact us today!

Website Design & User Experience

We approach design collaboratively, beginning with an iterative discovery process centered on adaptive, mobile-first content.

Web Application Development

We are nationally recognized leaders in web application development for nonprofits. Geeks at heart, we love playing on the bleeding edge of web technology.

Digital Strategy

We partner with mission-driven organizations to develop and implement strategies that grow audiences, raise funds, and amplify voices. Together, we can build strong, effective engagement ecosystems.

CRM & Engagement Tools

Users experience nonprofits across channels, not departments. Every interaction is an opportunity to increase their engagement.