Web Development

Unwavering Commitment To Open Source Excellence

We are nationally recognized leaders in web application development for nonprofits. Geeks at heart, we love playing on the bleeding edge of web technology, which also happens to ensure we're adding the most possible value to our clients. One thing we don't waver on is our commitment to engineering excellence and open source, as demonstrated by the more than 50,000 websites running on our contributions.

Over the last 15 years or so, we’ve seen consistent growth in nonprofits’ appreciation for how open source tools can support their goals for online engagement. The immediate benefits of implementing an open source solution are clear:

  • With open source tools, organizations avoid costly licensing fees.
  • Open source tools are generally easier to customize.
  • Open source tools often have stronger and more diverse vendor/support options.
  • Open source platforms are often better suited for integration with other tools and services.

And we know open source. Our developers have invested thousands of hours into improving nonprofit capacity through open source work, to the point that our contributions now power more than 50,000 websites.

Website Development

The only criteria we have for which website platform to use is that it meet the needs of our clients. We have a strong preference for open source tools due their effectiveness, flexibility, strong communities, and as a way to give back to the communities we serve.

We prefer to wait until we have completed the requirements gathering process to recommend any particular solution. This includes our digital ecosystem discovery and other foundational research work, and ensures that we make well-informed decisions to this critical piece of your digital infrastructure.

We are a recognized leader in Drupal development, with our contributions powering over 70,000 websites. When software companies like Salesforce and MailChimp seek to integrate their work with Drupal, they turn to us. Our work on Teaching Tolerance is one such example of this integrated experience.

We bring a similar level of dedication and engineering expertise to WordPress for clients who benefit from the platform’s flexibility and native editorial experience. Our innovative work with content powerhouses Travel Oregon and Travel Portland serve as prime examples, from award-winning seasonal campaigns to core publishing platforms that can stand the test of time.

And because we work almost exclusively with nonprofits, we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs. It is this intimate knowledge of our clients that has driven some of our most significant contributions to the nonprofit open source space.

Association Management Solutions

RedHen, our Drupal-native CRM, was initially designed to meet common nonprofit needs. It has classic CRM functionality for managing information about contacts, organizations, and their relationships between each other and our clients (like memberships).

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Built on top of RedHen, our donation management solution supports unlimited one-page donation forms tied directly to your payment processor (and CRM). We’ve extended that functionality to support a peer-to-peer fundraising system. RedHen Raiser is an open source solution that rivals commercial platforms like Razoo and Crowdrise in functionality.

Event Management and Ticketing

We know many nonprofits generate support and donations by holding events, so we wrote a module to bring that functionality into any Drupal-powered website. Entity Registration allows our clients to handle events registrations simply and flexibly. It not only allows for fee-based registrations, but can be extended to collect additional information along the way, like shoe-size for a bowling event.

Online Mapping

Visualizing data helps our clients create meaning and engagement with their online audiences. By leveraging the Drupal “geo stack” of Leaflet and Geofield, we’ve helped nonprofits across the country better tell their stories.

But we haven’t stopped there. The full list of our contributions demonstrates our commitment to open source software that supports the needs of nonprofits. Check out our full list of open source contributions.

Website Design & User Experience

We approach design collaboratively, beginning with an iterative discovery process centered on adaptive, mobile-first content.

Web Development

We are nationally recognized leaders in web application development for nonprofits. Geeks at heart, we love playing on the bleeding edge of web technology.

Digital Ecosystem

Users experience nonprofits across channels, not departments. Every interaction is an opportunity to increase their engagement.

Digital Strategy

A well-cultivated, strong base doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning and intentional messaging that resonates with your wide array of audiences.