James Macon

James Macon

Technical Architect

James knows how to bring a vision to life—using his breadth of coding expertise, he translates stories into tangible experiences like a pro.

James is a self-taught coder who specializes in Vue JS & Wordpress Dev with a PHP, NodeJS, Sass, SQL, and SEO seasoning. Before joining ThinkShout, James gained experience at a Biotech company in New Hampshire and an agency in Boston; both were instrumental in developing his skills in eCommerce, SEO, and CRM integrations.

Predating his coding career, James studied Film Production with a focus on Directing at Emerson College. While in college, he began volunteering with the Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston) where he now moonlights as the Director of Operations.

When not working on ThinkShout projects, he enjoys organizing IFFBoston events, taking in movies at local theaters, cooking, and taking astrophotos at dark-sky locations. Bonus Fact: James proudly owns a collection of over 400 movies on various forms of physical media.