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Stepping Down As CEO, Stepping Into Colorado

Ready or Not: Dreamforce for the Nonprofit Drupaller

It's time to talk Dreamforce.

Relaunching the Southern Poverty Law Center's Website

ThinkShout officially relaunches the SPLC site.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising With Drupal - RedHen Raiser

We take a closer look at a RedHen Raiser success story.

The How and Why of Nonprofits Contributing to Open Source

Let's debunk some open source myths.

The Clutter and the Deceptively Simple

Trends in Nonprofit Tech to Watch in 2015

The Small Business of Open Source

There's a whole lot to gain by giving away your code.

Announcing the Release of the PHP Wrapper for iATS Payments

How we are helping iATS Payments serve more nonprofit customers.

ThinkShout and the Los Angeles Conservancy win the “Modernism in America Award”

Our work with the Los Angeles Conservancy has been recognized nationally.

Behind the Curtain, ThinkShout Turns Three

ThinkShout turns three"

Join us for our upcoming NTEN webinar series on Discovery

ThinkShout's discovery process at NTC.

Launching 17 Drupal websites on a single distribution, hosted on Pantheon

How we built a flexible, integrated CMS & CRM solution for repeat deployment with Pantheon hosting

Thank you, RedHen DrupalCon sprinters!

Our RedHen code sprint at DrupalCon last Friday was a great success.

Drink beer. Support a great family.

First day of DrupalCon Portland, to honor Aaron Winborn.

10 hot topics in nonprofit Drupal tech

As the technology conference season ramps up, these are foremost on our radar.

ThinkShout welcomes Brett Meyer to the team!

ThinkShout is very proud to announce that Brett Meyer has joined our team.

ThinkShout welcomes Betsy Ensley, Director of Professional Services

Betsy Ensley has joined our team as our new Director of Professional Services.

Engagement Scoring - A Case for Native Drupal CRM

Measuring the interactions between site visitors and your website.

RedHen CRM Part 2: Welcome To The Hen House

See how the framework could be leveraged to build an association management system (AMS).

RedHen CRM Part 1, Keeping all your eggs in one Drupal basket

ThinkShout is proud to announce the Alpha release of RedHen CRM.

Introducing the Relevant Content Bean

Allow site admins to create their own dynamically-filtered listings of node content in a block.

Welcoming DrupalCon to PDX with a Splash

The 2013 DrupalCon will be held in our very own Portland, OR.

2012 Techno-Lounge at the National River Rally in PDX, OR

We'll be helping River Network organize the first ever "Techno-Lounge".

NTC Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals

The first ever Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals event at NTC.

Terms and Trends in DIY and Open Source Online Maps

Implementing truly gorgeous online maps still requires some custom code and technical know-how.

What we're up to; what we're into

Alas, the "we should blog about that" queue is getting pretty heavy here at the office.

ThinkShout is hiring...again!

ThinkShout is looking to hire both a senior Drupal engineer and a site-builder.

ThinkShout "Under the hood" at this year's Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit

ThinkShout is proud to support this year's Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit as a "Silver" sponsor.

Staying Sharp, Releasing Helper Modules

The Footer Message Module as a Case Study

ThinkShout hires Andrea Burton, User Experience Engineer

As some of you know, Lev and I formally went into business together as ThinkShout, Inc. this January.

ThinkShout is hiring!

ThinkShout is currently interviewing technologists interested in joining our team.

Sean's Take on the New ThinkShout, Inc.

Building a team of technologists to solve problems for communities working to make the world a better place.

A beginner's guide to using Hudson for continuous integration with Drupal

The only way to make sure that installation profiles are built correctly is to build them up from scratch.

Leave No Drupal Dev Behind

The increased discussion of Drupal engineering certifications concerns me.

Watershed Now! released!! (For non-geeks)

Our free, open source "conservation website in a box" product.

Watershed Now! released!! (For geeks)

We literally just tagged our first 0.1 release of Watershed Now! on GitHub this morning.

ThinkShout turns 1-year old today!

More modules will be released - as well as a Drupal distribution for river groups.

Three Modules Released - 2010 Q1 in Review

Some reflection on all that we've accomplished in the first quarter of 2010.

Community organization goals for the NTC

Tomorrow I'll be headed to Atlanta for this year's Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Evaluating Drupal vendors and project proposals

I often get asked to present on social media trends at nonprofit conferences.

The brutal truth

How a company handles bad situations speaks volumes about their professionalism and integrity.

20 hrs of travel for 34 hrs in DC - It was worth it.

34 hours in DC - and it was well worth it.

It's conference season again

Things are busy here at ThinkShout, but there are just too many good opportunities for us to stay home.

TextMate and Drupal

Recently, I switched code editors from Komodo Edit to TextMate.

ThinkShout has a new world headquarters

Some pictures of the new space!

ThinkShout takes the "Sotomayor" approach to opinionated technology planning

ThinkShout is still largely in the brainstorming phase of our own brand development.

Why ThinkShout? Why Now?

Like many other people these days, I was recently laid off from my more-comfortable, full-time job.

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