A robust MailChimp integration module for Drupal

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A popular email service we all know and love, MailChimp provides users with fresh, responsive tools for creating eye-catching email campaigns. We are always excited to integrate Drupal with other great tools, so we were thrilled to take on the development of a robust MailChimp integration module.

Image: History


In 2008, ThinkShout’s co-founder, Lev Tsypin, released the first version of the MailChimp module for Drupal 5. He’d been working on a side project and needed newsletter integration. MailChimp was a natural choice, given the strength of its APIs (i.e, the programming interface for pushing and pulling data to and from the service).

Image: Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Over the next three years, this module began to see significant adoption. When the number of Drupal websites using the module hit 3,000, Lev reached out to MailChimp to see if they were interested in sponsoring its ongoing development. MailChimp readily agreed, beginning a partnership that helped us increase adoption of the module to over 21,000 websites. In addition to providing new features, we support the module’s user base by responding to tickets in the module’s issue queue, as well as by providing online documentation.

Ongoing Development

With the Drupal 7 version of the MailChimp module, we completely revamped the user interface and configuration management features to make the module easier to use for nontechnical site builders. In spring 2012, our work with MailChimp hit a major milestone with our release of the Mandrill module. Mandrill is MailChimp’s transactional email service. It is similar to Amazon’s SES mail service, though it has some key benefits over SES – namely, it is easier to configure and provides access to mail delivery and click-through statistics by way of its API.

Image: New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Our work with Mandrill represents another example of how ThinkShout is a leader in Drupal application development and third-party integrations. We are now leveraging the Mandrill module with RedHen CRM – our native CRM product built with Drupal – to provide our clients with advanced bulk email tools within their Drupal sites. We enjoy pushing the envelope of Drupal as an “application development framework” rather than simply a “content management system.” We see Drupal as “glue” for various web services.


ThinkShout has had 59 releases for the MailChimp module, the MailChimp and Mandrill modules have been downloaded more than 159,000 times, and the module has seen a 500% increase in usage since MailChimp became our client.

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