Travel Portland

Bringing Portland to the World (and the World to Portland).

Travel Portland is a nonprofit destination marketing organization (DMO) committed to making Portland a top destination for travelers to help promote the local economy.

Portland hosted nine million overnight stays in 2016, accounting for over $5 billion in revenue across the city. Travel Portland’s mission is to help visitors plan their ideal Portland experience, welcome those visitors with a peerless approach to editorial, photography, and digital storytelling. The city’s recent success in drawing unprecedented numbers of visitors from across the globe has solidified Travel Portland’s status as industry leaders.

ThinkShout is Travel Portland’s strategic and technical partner for all things digital. In addition to maintaining core properties like the leisure and meeting planner sites, ThinkShout develops seasonal interactive experiences. Every year when Portland extends an invitation to the world — as with the acclaimed Portland Is Happening Now and new You Can, in Portland campaigns — ThinkShout brings the work to life online.

“Working with ThinkShout has been a delight. Beyond the deep bench of technical talent, it’s the enthusiasm they display for our work and their eagerness and ability to add value to our creative vision that elevates their value from service provider to true strategic partner.”

Richard Tammar
Director of Digital Strategy
Travel Portland

My Trip

The key to Travel Portland’s award-winning website is a deceptively simple design that’s flexible enough to contain a world of content while remaining easy to navigate. Among the industry-leading features is an account-free way to build and share a trip itinerary, called MyTrip. By appending each unique point of interest, article, and event to the Trip, we allow visitors to enjoy a personalized experience without having to add yet another password to the mix.

The core of is built with WordPress, chosen for the quality of its editorial experience and seamless integration with calendar, social, hotel reservation, and other critical third-party tools. By hosting the site with our partner Pantheon and optimizing the code in every imaginable way, we don’t have to sacrifice image quality or features for speed — a requirement for maintaining Travel Portland’s solid mobile and SEO advantages.

My Trip

Our long-term strategy has been to go beyond the planning stage for travelers, providing on-the-ground expertise and encouraging visitors to share their experiences after they head home. It’s been a winning strategy: visitors to Portland in 2016 generated over $5 billion in direct spending, resulted in $245 million in tax revenue, and supported over 36,000 jobs, all of which has increased year-over-year since partnering with ThinkShout.

We love Portland, so it’s gratifying to see our city named a top destination nationally and internationally by Travel + Leisure, The Telegraph, and International Traveller, to name a few. As an industry leader, however, Travel Portland isn’t satisfied. Advances in personalized content, live chat, enhanced recommendations, and intelligent search are in the pipeline, and they promise to maintain Travel Portland as a leader in destination marketing.

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