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Chimpfestation, A Closer Look at the New MailChimp Module

There are plenty of features to go ape for in our latest beta release of the MailChimp Module.

Commerce iATS 2.0

Our latest release of Commerce iATS brings ACH/EFT and Direct Debit payments.

Refactoring The iATS Drupal Commerce Module

Refactoring the Commerce iATS module.


Thank you, RedHen DrupalCon sprinters!

Our RedHen code sprint at DrupalCon last Friday was a great success.

Drink beer. Support a great family.

First day of DrupalCon Portland, to honor Aaron Winborn.

10 hot topics in nonprofit Drupal tech

As the technology conference season ramps up, these are foremost on our radar.


Under the Hood of RedHen CRM

The ThinkShout team will be at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit if anyone wants to connect.

RedHen and Mandrill - 10-minute Setup for a Bulk Mail Tool

RedHen CRM is a native CRM solution for Drupal 7.

Engagement Scoring - A Case for Native Drupal CRM

Measuring the interactions between site visitors and your website.

RedHen CRM Part 2: Welcome To The Hen House

See how the framework could be leveraged to build an association management system (AMS).

RedHen CRM Part 1, Keeping all your eggs in one Drupal basket

ThinkShout is proud to announce the Alpha release of RedHen CRM.

Introducing the Relevant Content Bean

Allow site admins to create their own dynamically-filtered listings of node content in a block.

An Adventure in iCal, my First Module

Writing my own module to release to the Drupal community.

MailChimp adds Mandrill Integration & Campaign Creation

A long list of improvements and new features

Welcoming DrupalCon to PDX with a Splash

The 2013 DrupalCon will be held in our very own Portland, OR.

2012 Techno-Lounge at the National River Rally in PDX, OR

We'll be helping River Network organize the first ever "Techno-Lounge".

NTC Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals

The first ever Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals event at NTC.

Sign Up for Entities and Fields

Last year we began work on an entity-based alternative to Signup.

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