Careers At ThinkShout

Our team comes from all over—from nonprofits and big tech, to design firms and independently owned dev shops. Regardless of our backgrounds, we’re all in it for the same thing: to feel good about the work we do when we’re here, and have the space to do what we love when we’re not.

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Why Work at ThinkShout?

  • We have transparent salary bands and communicate clearly around requirements for promotions and raises.
  • We provide a comprehensive benefits package, some highlights include: 32 days of annual PTO; participation in a profit share program; sabbatical after 5 years; medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage; 401k plan; and annual professional development funds.
  • We support a healthy work-life balance through flexible schedules and distributed work.
  • We have two in-person, team building retreats each year. 
  • We have virtual team building activities each quarter–from sushi making, to terrarium building, to bingo. 
  • We support the Emerging Leaders program in Portland through internships–supporting pathways to leadership for traditional and non-traditional students of color and aspiring professionals.
  • We have a hiring process that follows equity best practices, team EDI training, and an equity lens that helps us to review and create processes. We are committed to the ongoing work of centering equity into the core of our systems, supported by a staff led EDI committee.

Interested? Here’s what you can generally expect as you move forward in the process.

No matter what, interviews are stressful; we do our best to make it approachable. During each interview, we send questions in both written and oral format, so you have multiple ways to process the question. Our panelists adhere to interview best practices–meaning we follow accessibility standards, speak to our own experiences, and only ask questions relative to the position. We work to make our hiring process as transparent and accessible as possible.

Step 1: Apply Online

The application is completed through our online portal. We don’t ask for a cover letter; instead, we have some preliminary questions within the application to help us get to know candidates better.

Step 2: Review

Applications are reviewed by the hiring team.

Step 3: Screening Interview

A 25-min video call with a member of the hiring team to confirm skill set alignment with the open position, and values alignment with the company.

Step 4: Technical Interview

A 45 to 55-min video call with the hiring manager to cover past experience, skills, and qualifications.

Step 5: Skills Assessment

We will evaluate past work that the candidate would like us to review. Depending on the role, this could include a short presentation during the panel interview.

Step 6: Panel Interview

A 55-min video call with a broader hiring panel, made up of a cross section of our team.

Step 7: Offer

The selected candidate gets an offer letter, we discuss any unanswered questions, and identify a start date.