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Upgrading MailChimp eCommerce and an Introduction to Drupal 8's Event System

Get your hooks out of Drupal with Drupal 8's event system.


See No Email, Hear No Email, Speak No Email

MailChimp API 2.0 is about to go extinct - here’s what you need to know.

The Next Chapter for Mandrill

Changes and recommendations for transactional email in Drupal

Porting ThinkShout to Drupal 8

Bringing our open source contributions to Drupal 8


Meet the ThinkShout Team at DrupalCon LA!

We're ready for some Drupal fun in the sun.

Monkeying Around with D8

Porting the MailChimp Module to Drupal 8 for DrupalCon LA

Join ThinkShout for Drupal Day and the NTC

We'll see you in Austin!


Chimpfestation, A Closer Look at the New MailChimp Module

There are plenty of features to go ape for in our latest beta release of the MailChimp Module.


Don't fear the monkey! Introducing a friendlier MailChimp module.

Changes to our MailChimp module.


MailChimp adds Mandrill Integration & Campaign Creation

A long list of improvements and new features


MailChimp 2.0: Anatomy of a Drupal module rewrite

A major milestone for integration between MailChimp and Drupal.

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