Watershed Now! released!! (For non-geeks)

Big day for ThinkShout. Just this morning we released the first, pre-alpha version of Watershed Now!, our free, open source “conservation website in a box” product.

What is Watershed Now!?

For me personally, Watershed Now! is the culmination of 10 years of fundraising and technology consulting for conservation organizations. Technology-wise, Watershed Now! represents many thousands of hours of open source software development for watershed organizations bundled up into a comprehensive suite of tools to help conservation groups communicate, organize and fundraise.

Now, in one day rather than a full week, ThinkShout can build a highly-functional website with features such as online maps, petition forms, donation pages, and social media integration.

Admittedly, Watershed Now! is not quite ready for public consumption. By the end of the year, our goal is to have the release polished enough that anyone who’s ever built a website on a shared hosting account can install and configure a website him/herself in the matter of a few hours. But for now, the product is our bread dough for making awesome online conservation pizzas. Watershed Now! will drop the price point for our entry-level conservation website by 300 percent, while making ThinkShout more profitable and better equipped to invest back into this social venture.

Coming Soon...

As a compliment to Watershed Now!, ThinkShout is partnering with Water Words That Work to put together “website sprints”, one-day workshops to help conservation organizations launch beautiful, feature-rich websites with great messaging, copy and imagery (in one day!). We’re still putting together the program, but stay tuned for a sprint near you - as we’re taking this idea on the road.

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