Thinkshout rebranded

By Lev

Introduction & Why a Rebrand

After nearly 13 years, we have rebranded! This rebrand is more than a visual overhaul, it was driven by the desire to reflect who we are today, as a team and a company. We started as a tiny dev shop but we are now 32 developers, designers, strategists, and project managers with team members working remotely across the United States. We are now a certified B Corp working exclusively with mission-driven clients (125+ and counting!). across a broad spectrum of digital services: user-centered digital strategy, product design, engineering, digital accessibility, and ongoing support. While our look might be new, what’s never going to change is our dedication to our team, clients, and Drupal and WordPress open source. We look forward to continuing to grow in service of those communities.

New Messaging

This new brand is an expression of our updated mission, vision and values that will guide our growth moving forward.

Our mission is to build digital platforms that rise to meet the world’s biggest challenges. Our vision is that the technology we create will inspire connection and humanity. Our values guide all that we do and living them out keeps us grounded in our mission.

New Visual Identity

Our new logo illustrates our process. The dash mark between the words ‘think’ and ‘shout’ represents all that we do in between that first idea and the end product—a space dedicated to exploring, researching, iterating and testing the solutions we build to spark the change we want to see in the world.

Our new colors form a warm, fresh, and minimalist palette, with a hint of vibrance and playfulness with a highlighter yellow. Our two new typefaces were selected for their clarity and versatility from the Maax family. A modern sans paired with a monospace as a fun ode to our roots as a dev shop. The highlighter sketched line embodies our friendly and human approach. It’s repeated in drawn shapes and symbols, which will be able to expand with us over time. 

Building this new brand has been years in the making. Just about our whole team and many of our lovely team alums have influenced it. It has been a true team wide collaboration and it feels great to be celebrating it out in the world together and with our clients!