03.22.2011 Culture, Community, and Business

ThinkShout is hiring!

Wow, that's a dramatic announcement, but yes, ThinkShout is currently interviewing technologists interested in joining our team.

Over the last two years, ThinkShout has relied almost entirely on contractors - more than 25 talented designers, developers, strategists, and project managers in fact... While we are dedicated the the principle of connecting with the best technologist for each project, which lends itself to the "contractor model" and allows us to quickly scale to meet incoming project needs, we have also grown to the point where bringing on a few key staff positions over the next 6-18 months will allow us to innovate more fluidly and serve our clients better.

Who are we looking to hire?

At this point, we are interested in talking more with senior-level Drupal module developers, themers with strong javascript/mobile interface experience, and project managers with deep experience in Drupal best practices and configuration management. We will likely hire someone with one of these areas of expertise in the second quarter of 2011.

But more than exact skillset, we are interested in hiring folks that share the following goals and vision with Lev and myself:

Oh, and one more thing - at this point, we're looking for someone who's interested in working out of our sweet new office at the EcoTrust Building in downtown PDX. We're not quite at the point where we can effectively manage full-time remote employees, and well, we like to hang out with our peeps.

So, if you are or know someone who might fit with this description, give us a shout.

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