Welcoming DrupalCon to PDX with a Splash

Probably this single most important announcement at DrupalCon Denver last week (let’s face it, the single most important announcement in the universe last week) was that the 2013 DrupalCon will be held in our very own Portland, OR. Forget Symfony in Drupal 8 core. Forget that dude Luke’s keynote. Forget the tall guy with glasses and spiky hair who also did a keynote.

It’s time to start growing your mustache. It’s time to learn to ride a fixie. It’s time to start shopping at American Apparel for hoodies and jeggings. Because the Bridgetown brings Drupal.

ThinkShout (we’re underground, so you probably haven’t hear of us) and SuperStar Media (more mainstream - but totally ironic) were proud to help out with the annoucement by putting together the greatest ever DrupalCon splash page at portland2013.drupal.org.

…Seriously though, designing and theming this page was a heck of a lot of fun. We leveraged Twitter Bootstrap, Leaflet, Scrollorama, Modernizr, and Less.js. We got to play with parallax scrolling with CSS3 and heck of a lot of media queries. We’ll soon post a much more in-depth case study about this responsive design project - but for now, we wanted to invite folks to check out the source code on GitHub.

Oh yeah, and there’s an easter egg in the source. I’ll buy a PBR for the first person to find it and post a comment on this blog…

And once again, I’d like to give a special shout out to Chris Bloom and Joey Groh of SuperStar. Those guys are just incredibly talented and we learned a ton sprinting with them in the two weeks we had to concept, design, and implement this fun little project.

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