RedHen in the spotlight at BADCamp

I just got back from a fabulous weekend at BADCamp where we had the chance to discuss RedHen CRM at the nonprofit and product summits. These videos were generously filmed by Nicholas Roberts. The first is an in-depth discussion of RedHen CRM, covering why we built a native Drupal CRM in the first place, the technology that makes it possible, and applicable business cases. The second is cage match, err, make that panel ;), pitting RedHen against Trellon’s CRM Core, Jackson River’s Springboard, and CiviCRM. It was an honor and a pleasure to compare and contrast RedHen with those other amazing CRM offerings. RedHen CRM is already in use in over 200 projects, including our own Mission Investors Exchange and will soon launch as a core component of a private distribution for the Forum of Regional Association of Grant Makers.

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