Join ThinkShout for Drupal Day at the 2013 NTC

A few days into my work with ThinkShout, I'm pleased to report that everything I always knew must be doable with Drupal isn't just possible, it's in process. I've seen things people wouldn't believe. Engagement scoring tied to user activity. I watched email sent from a website report stats back to an ESP.

If you're interested in expanding your Drupal expertise, I encourage you to join us at "Drupal Day for Nonprofit IT Professionals" at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference. (You already know about the NTC, right? It's awesome! Anybody involved with nonprofit technology in general should attend at least once.)

The team at ThinkShout is excited to be involved with facilitating the second annual iteration of this fantastic event with the support of NTEN, Zivtech, Forum One Communications, and Trellon. Drupal Day is not a training on “How to build a website with Drupal”, nor is it a Drupal vendor or product spotlight. Rather, this is a hands-on opportunity for Drupal users in the NTEN community to:

Participation in Drupal Day is free, but we're limited to 150 participants, so be sure to register now before it fills up.

We're hoping that Drupal Day will pull together the leading minds in Drupal development for the nonprofit sector from around the country. If you're interested in helping out with case studies or other planning/facilitation opportunities, give us a shout!

And if you're interested in discussing the significance of the soliloquy referenced in the opening paragraph to cinematic history, be sure to look me up in Minneapolis. Yes, I'm excited to continue to provide the nptech community with the best quality referential humor in the business, in addition helping you use technology more effectively. ThinkShout encourages us all to give back to our community as much as possible, and gives us the space to do so. Anything you'd like me to explore? Drop me a line at brett dot meyer at thinkshout dot com or on twitter at brett_meyer.

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