Zen and the Art of Farmyard Maintenance

Like many developers, we get pretty psyched about building stuff. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to get excited about describing the stuff we built… but RedHen has been getting enough attention that it was time to do some communicating, especially considering we recently released version 7.x-1.2 of the module.

Today we published a significant, if not quite complete, chunk of RedHen documentation to Drupal.org here. That documentation can now grow with RedHen!

But I know what you’re thinking: “Documentation? Am I having some horrible 2005 fever dream? Where’s the video??”

So, ok: I made a little instructional video about getting started with RedHen. It’s my first one, so critique gently: it’s surprisingly difficult to converse with an imaginary audience.

This video covers installing RedHen and configuring a Contact Type, and a few other introductory RedHen tricks. Note that the video gives instructions for creating a RedHen link in the Admin toolbar, but you can also just move the pre-built RedHen menu that lives under Structure into the Toolbar to get the full drop-down fun.

Setting up RedHen: Creating your first Contact Type</a> from Gabe Carleton-Barnes on YouTube.</p>

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