Building Community, Building Drupal at the BADCamp Nonprofit Summit!

If you’ve never been to the Bay Area Drupal Camp, we strongly recommend you consider attending this year. It’s become our team’s most anticipated pilgrimage. In many ways, it embodies exactly what we love about the Drupal community. Of course, we focus on the nonprofit sector, and the now 3rd-annual BADCamp Nonprofit Summit is one of our favorite days of the year.

Planning for this event is well underway. We’ve already lined up some great speakers and experts from the nonprofit community who are excited to share their experience leveraging Drupal to promote nonprofit causes. Suki O’Kane from the Elise Haas Fund will be presenting on collaborative practices in nonprofit technology development. Erik Mathy of TechSoup will be discussing the challenges in building and gaining adoption of nonprofit web portals.

While a handful of Drupal service providers will be on hand to share their expertise, this event truly is a great opportunity for nonprofit leaders and technologists to get together to discuss their successes and challenges in adopting Drupal-based tools. We’ll be diving into data visualization, responsive design, fundraising strategy and the latest in CRM integrations! If you are a nonprofit technologist interested in sharing your experience with Drupal, please get in touch! We’d love to have you present and/or lead a breakout session. Or, if you’re interested in discussing specific topics in nonprofit tech, let us know and we can make sure to include these discussions in the event’s program.

Four of the five sponsorship slots have already been filled by ThinkShout and our friends at Forum One, Phase 2, Chapter 3, and CivicActions. (If your organization would like to sponsor the event, get your sponsorship request in ASAP.)

Can’t wait to see you all in Berkeley, CA!

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