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You are who your data says you are

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.


Porting ThinkShout to Drupal 8

Bringing our open source contributions to Drupal 8


Meet the ThinkShout Team at BADCamp!

We're heading to the Bay Area Drupal Camp this week, and so should you!

Free Salesforce and RedHen Trainings at BADCamp

Join us at BADCamp for two half-day trainings!

Ready or Not: Dreamforce for the Nonprofit Drupaller

It's time to talk Dreamforce.

Migrating from Luminate CRM to Drupal and the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack

A case for Drupal and Salesforce's NPSP as a superior alternative to Blackbaud's Luminate CRM.

Drupal and Salesforce Integrations Get Some (Data) Integrity

Adding data integrity and other enterprise features to the Drupal-Salesforce integration.

The Clutter and the Deceptively Simple

Trends in Nonprofit Tech to Watch in 2015


Meet the ThinkShout Team at DrupalCon Austin

Going to Austin next week? Check out our lineup of BoFs and sessions.

"Big Data" Challenges with Salesforce for Facing History and Ourselves

Synchronizing 300,000+ Salesforce records with Drupal RedHen


Magic, CRM and Shiny Objects Galore!

The session submission deadline drawing to a close for DrupalCon Portland 2013


Salesforce Integration with REST, OAUTH, and Entities

The Drupal Salesforce Suite has been around since Drupal 5, having undergone many transformations in trying to keep pace with both Drupal and Salesforce API changes. The result is a feature set as impressive as it is ambitious, although the incremental updates and additions have come at a cost of significant technical debt, inconsistent API usage, a monolithic architecture, and fragility.

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