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Google Analytics 4 Migration

Answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Goodbye Email Open Rates: Prepare for Apple’s Privacy Update

Apple will soon prevent senders from using tracking pixels embedded in emails to gather data on whether people open an email. This is a big deal. If any portion of your email list has open rate data obscured, then the entire metric could be useless. How can you prepare?


Eliminating Bias in User Research

User research, when done well, provides a deeper understanding of users’ needs. It surfaces new solutions and opportunities, and can often save you from investing money in the wrong solutions or features for your web project.

Show Up. Strategy and Consumption During COVID-19.

We wish we could provide definitive answers, but we can’t. What we can do is highlight some things we are seeing that work and support you and your teams in thinking through strategic approaches to use what you have in new and different ways.

Lessons From a Remote Workshop During A Pandemic

As people’s lives have come to an abrupt halt, we are still trying to keep as much moving as we possibly can. For many of us, this includes having lots and lots of virtual meetings.

So, Your Event Has Been Cancelled: How Do You Communicate Impact?

There’s nothing quite like an annual gala or event to bring your community together and communicate the year’s impact to funders.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Steps for Getting Started

Set goals that are both ambitious and reasonable.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Navigation

A reliable and accessible navigation system is a priority for any website.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Links & Buttons

When you do have to stop and think about what a button does, or where it goes or why it’s not working, it’s frustrating.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Color Contrast

Making accessible design decisions starts by establishing an accessible color palette.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Laying a Foundation

Accessibility is a complex topic and can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started.


Is My Website Accessible?

You know how important accessibility is, but now what?

Instagram's Donate sticker is here.

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Humans vs. AI: The Battle Continues

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

You are who your data says you are

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

How to write better web copy and build better products

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

The future of AI belongs to... McDonalds?

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Your stock photo choices just got better...and more inclusive!

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Is authenticity dead? Some thoughts on keeping it personal

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Why aren't we asking the *biggest* question when it comes to data privacy?

The Spark is here to kickstart your week

First, do no harm: A Hippocratic Oath for programmers.

Plus, Beyoncé got sued, and Facebook might be the new Slack.

Do Socially Responsible Products Make an Impact?

And, how a faster site could impact conversion rates.

Spoiler alert: Adding “SEO” won’t fix your weak content

And, Microsoft and Google’s employees take a stand, plus some ideas on how to enhance your storytelling techniques.

The Weekly Spark: 2/19/19 Edition

Cool findings from the Nonprofit Employment Report, incubating solutions to social problems, and opting for more human-centered language.

The Weekly Spark: 2/12/19 Edition

Want to raise money on Instagram? You're in luck.

Cut to the Chase: A Refresher on Getting to Less

How simplifying things makes for stronger results

Retrospectives: Quick, Easy, & Data-Informed

How to hold an informative and valuable retrospective without eating a ton of time.

Reclaiming Your Communications Calendar

Don’t let National Holidays Dictate your Life

Ask More Questions

When you don't know what drives your constituents, just ask!

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