Amina Halim

Amina Halim

Creative Director

Amina sees creativity as a tool that creates bridges between people and organizations. The way we tell our stories, whether through visual or verbal language, has always been her filter for understanding and sharing our humanity.

From a very young age Amina has had a passion for art and writing, but was encouraged to pursue a career in science. She eventually discovered the potential in merging creativity with science and technology in order to create meaningful change-- and that discovery is precisely what drove her to her role at ThinkShout.

Amina comes to ThinkShout as a graduate from UC Berkeley. After starting her professional role handling marketing efforts for nonprofits, Amina was led to pursue a Masters in Advertising. She then grew to work as a global creative on many multinational brands, winning new clients and numerous awards while managing creative teams internationally. And when we say winning awards, we mean winning big awards. Amina impressively won the first Cyber Lion on behalf of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as “Poem of the Year” by the National Society of Poetry.

When Amina isn’t creating great things for mission-driven organizations, you can find her cooking, traveling, or writing (she’s a published food and travel writer with articles in international guidebooks and literary magazines-- go figure!). And if you’re really lucky, you might even find her doing standup comedy.