Amy Swan

Amy Swan

Senior Frontend Developer

Amy spent a good portion of her life advocating for the causes close to her heart, especially rights for independent musicians. Her knack for logic games led her to try programming, and she hasn’t looked back. She’s been searching for a place where she could apply her skills in web development to support those advocacy groups. She found it in ThinkShout.

A professional-musician-turned-developer, Amy came to ThinkShout in search of an opportunity to apply her coding skills to organizations working for positive change in the world, and she feels right at home here. Before joining our team, Amy worked as an IT support rep for several different online music tech companies. She also dabbled as a light and sound engineer and worked on events for artists and individuals like Björk, Paul Simon and the Dalai Lama.

Music and programming have a lot in common, as Amy can attest. She’s put her performance skills into practice by giving technical talks at conferences such as DrupalCon and BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal), and collaboration with her peers brings out everything she enjoys about being part of a musical ensemble. A woman of many interests, Amy admits to being an old school Whovian, and also happens to be the only kiteboarder in the office. She also encourages us all to stay healthy by leading an afternoon “plank” session every weekday at around 2pm, and invites all that stop by to join the fun.

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