Aneta Molenda

Aneta Molenda

Strategy Director

Aneta is a multi-talented strategist, ceramicist, and neonatal kitten foster whose love for organizing started in the labor movement as an organizer for the New York Taxi Workers Alliance on a campaign pressuring the city to start a health care fund for drivers. She continued this work with Working America, where she organized hair stylists and massage therapists in Oregon, Minnesota, and Illinois. Aneta then transitioned into the digital realm, where she spent several years at M+R consulting on digital organizing strategy. She’s worked with a variety of impressive organizations, including the Fight for $15, Planned Parenthood, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Most recently, Aneta served as the Digital Director at United for Respect – formerly OUR Walmart – exploring new and innovative ways to scale organizing using online-first strategies that translate to mass offline action, working to fundamentally shift power within big corporations like Walmart and Amazon. And (as if you weren't already impressed) Aneta led the digital organizing strategy for the campaign that won $20 million in severance pay from Wall Street directly into the pockets of working class people who had been laid off in the private equity induced bankruptcy at Toys R Us.

TL;DR? Aneta is a kitten-fostering, strategy expert, and accomplished organizer, who can basically do anything. Except bungee jumping. Don’t ask her to do that again.

Aneta's Recent Blog Posts

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