avery jackson

avery jackson

Senior Strategist

As an interdisciplinary cultural worker and cross-sector impact strategist, avery’s commitment to exploring alternative systems of design, economy and relationship has years of demonstration.

As a descendant of Louisiana sharecroppers and Southern horsemen, avery's work continues a legacy of leading from the land and the herd. Raised in Des Moines, Iowa as a grandchild of the Great Migration, avery holds sacred the preservation of storytelling methodology as a cultural technology. avery has an academic research background in the state-sanctioned and economic violence of the American judicial system and the cultural responses it generates.

avery has facilitated the development of the youth-led cooperatively-owned social enterprise that used grassroots organizing to challenge municipal systems of extraction, ATLisREADY. They’ve used their land-based practice to illuminate the intersections of environmental justice and racial equity with organizations like the Partnership for Southern Equity. Their ability to tell the story of resource has made them a critical asset in philanthropy—which eventually led avery to partner with the Southern Partners Fund to deepen their analysis on Southern-centered strategy by providing technical and financial assistance to Southern rural grassroots organizations. Fundraising for collective power is a core component of avery’s experience.

Currently, in addition to being a Senior Strategist at ThinkShout, avery engages in storytelling and impact strategy work to preserve Black Southern Farms and Land-bases. avery strategically advises innovative models for impact ventures like Gangstas to Growers, an urban agribusiness training program funded by Sweet Sol Hot Sauce. They have also worked with farmer collectives like the Southeastern African American Farmer’s Organic Network (SAAFON) to leverage content, narrative and innovation to realize the visions of Southern farmers.