Britt Szynal

Britt Szynal

Business Development and Project Director

Britt is someone with a unique ability to see both the forest and the trees. She is enamored by the quest to learn how systems work; why they work; and, even more importantly, why things that *should* work, don’t.

Britt came to ThinkShout after a 10 year career in the nonprofit sector. Starting at a mental health and housing organization in 2008, she developed a passion for building community and for meeting people where they are at. From there, she’s worn many hats from grants management and program evaluation, to program development and coalition building, to all aspects of fundraising. She received a Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising from the Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO) and PSU; and was a founding board member of YNPN Portland.

Britt went on to earn her MBA at Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management in 2007, graduating at the top of her class while simultaneously exceeding the prior year’s fundraising revenue as Director of Development at Harper’s Playground. Looking for her next challenge, Britt decided on ThinkShout as a place where her passion for community and for driving positive could intersect with her penchant for systems and processes.

If you can’t tell by now, Britt likes to keep busy. And the most recent role that is keeping busy: being a new mom. Britt’s wide ranging hobbies now include walks with her baby, cuddle naps with her baby, feeding her baby, playing with her baby, coffee, washing a million loads of baby laundry, making her baby laugh, baby….baby baby, baby baby. Coffee. Baby. Baby baby, Baby.