Chelsea Maricle

Chelsea Maricle

Strategy Director

If you’re afraid of heights would you climb a mountain? That’s exactly what Chelsea did!

Chelsea isn’t a huge fan of heights, so when she and her husband traveled to Machu Picchu and decided to hike up Huayna Picchu, she was a bit uneasy. She forged ahead however, and made it to the top! It’s that fearless attitude to tackle anything, along with her belief that connective technology has the power to change the world in beautiful and profound ways, that makes her a great fit on our strategy team at ThinkShout.

Chelsea brings with her a decade of nonprofit experience -- from working in the performing arts to connecting women worldwide for social change; most recently bridging the divide on climate change. She comes to us from World Pulse, where she was the first marketing professional hired to the permanent team. As a one-woman department, she created a strategic roadmap from scratch, and elegantly navigated her role as the “matrix:” supporting programmatic, fundraising, and executive departments not just in how to communicate and drive engagement, but in setting strategic goals and targets as well.

She earned her BA from the University of Oregon where she double-majored in English and International Studies, and minored in Dance. Although we’d argue there’s nothing minor about someone’s passion for dance when they’ve been in 45 performances of the Nutcracker!

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