Cynthia Chen

Cynthia Chen

Senior Product Designer

Cynthia believes that design and development are interconnected; if you can understand both sides, you can create the best digital experiences.

Cynthia was part of the 90s generation of kids who designed and coded out Geocities websites–complete with flashing marquees and guestbooks. This hobby soon became a career, as Cynthia graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a major in Graphic Design.

Post-college, Cynthia’s professional experiences were centered on designing and developing end-to-end digital mobile and web experiences, having worked across multiple sectors such as healthcare, academia, travel, and e-commerce. In her design practice, Cynthia especially enjoys working side by side with development teams–leveraging her own development skills to make her designs come to life via code.

Outside of work, Cynthia finds creativity in recreating her favorite recipes from childhood, building everyday apps, and learning the violin.