Erika Bridges

Erika Bridges

Director of Strategic Services

Erika believes that strategy is the perfect mix of right and left brain—a seamless balance of their need for equal parts order and chaos.

Erika studied Economics and Japanese Language and Literature at Smith College in Massachusetts and Doshisha University in Kyoto. After a short stint in banking, Erika went on to spend a few years doing editing, translation and teaching high school English in Kyoto. When Erika came back, they fell into marketing and advertising via a translation job, then felt inspired by the strategy work and everything happened from there. A decade later, and Erika hasn’t looked back, doing both big anthemic branding projects and more focused systems work for big clients from a variety of sectors—even a couple nonprofits.

In their career, Erika has accomplished a lot—but it’s not the big campaign work or award winning that keeps them going. Instead, Erika gets the most pride and satisfaction from a team that is thriving and feeling purpose; they love supporting people to do bigger things than they thought they could. Now at ThinkShout, Erika is excited to take their big business savvy and use it to help causes they’re passionate about.

When Erika isn’t thinking about strategy or being a doula, they’re traveling the world, exploring the ocean, or doing pottery. Erika also does much needed work advocating for mental health and dismantling our prison industrial complex.