Gabe Carleton-Barnes

Gabe Carleton-Barnes

Technical Architect

In addition to being a semi-professional actor, a borderline-professional Magic: The Gathering player, and a far-from-professional travel blogger, Gabe spent 10 years as an actual professional at nonprofits before joining ThinkShout.

As the Systems Administrator at Ecotrust & The Wild Salmon Center, Gabe gained a deep knowledge of nonprofit technology needs and challenges, solved technical problems of many stripes, and gained a deep understanding of nonprofit culture. As the Operations Director for Immigration Equality, he helped a small non-profit grow from 7 to 17 employees, open an office in DC, form an Action Fund to lobby for political change, and built a unified database for tracking the organization’s constituents, contributions, and legal clients.

Gabe has a BA in Computer Science and Theatre from Oberlin College. Those seemingly isolated subjects describe his approach to building great technology solutions: collaboration in pursuit of a shared goal requires communication and understanding. Only with that understanding can we build successful software.

Gabe's Recent Blog Posts

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RedHen version 7.x-1.2.

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What's next for Mandrill.

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The domain of developers is naturally fraught with some of the most obtuse configuration oddities.

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Common & problematic misunderstanding about whether problems are related to Process or Technology.

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