Jaymz Rhime

Jaymz Rhime

Technical Architect

Jaymz has been passionate about coding since high school, nerding out in English class by writing programs on his TI-83 calculator. He believes strongly in the open web, and is committed to writing great code for the good of those who strive to affect meaningful change in the world.

Jaymz’s interest in computers and code manifested at a young age. Growing up, Jaymz always loved building things, and writing code just felt right. After high school, he earned his degree in computer science from Case Western Reserve University. He’s been a software engineer ever since. He started developing his expertise in front-end web development at a small startup here in Portland, and spent a few years building a collaborative platform for web content. When he’s not at the office, he’s chasing his kids around the house, and, you guessed it, writing more code at home. For fun.

Jaymz's Recent Blog Posts

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