Jules Khong

Jules Khong

Accessibility and Frontend Architect

Jules began her career in web development on the design side of the process. She became a software developer out of a desire to better understand the limitations and possibilities of programming.

Jules graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in multimedia, and later received her graphic design BFA from the Art Institute of Portland. She spent the last several years volunteering with Red Sweater Project, helping them rework their entire website to better support their mission to improve the lives of youth in Tanzania. She joined the ThinkShout team so she could put her passion for building things to use helping the organizations committed to positive change. Jules once summited Kilimanjaro while afflicted with food poisoning. If that’s not a lesson in tenacity, then we don’t know what is. Way to tough it out, Jules.

Jules's Recent Blog Posts

Talking to Screen readers with ARIA-live and Drupal.announce()

If content changes on your site and there’s a visual change to let users know, you need to make that change clear to folks who can’t see the visual cues. Drupal.announce is a JS method built into Drupal core that can make this easy.

Accessible Cards + Duplicate Links

Card elements are all over the internet -- and so are “Duplicate Link” errors. Here are a few ways to fix these common bugs while tidying up your code at the same time.

Four Questions Your Website Accessibility Statement Should Answer

Your accessibility statement is not just another contact form on your website.

Accessibility and Dyslexia: An Interview

Websites that don’t take dyslexia into consideration can be much harder to navigate. In this interview, Jules and Rebecca talk about how you can make your website more accessible and easier for everyone to use.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Steps for Getting Started

Set goals that are both ambitious and reasonable.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Navigation

A reliable and accessible navigation system is a priority for any website.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Links & Buttons

When you do have to stop and think about what a button does, or where it goes or why it’s not working, it’s frustrating.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Color Contrast

Making accessible design decisions starts by establishing an accessible color palette.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry: Laying a Foundation

Accessibility is a complex topic and can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started.

Is My Website Accessible?

You know how important accessibility is, but now what?

Space for Empathy

How do we make space for empathy in our work and in our community? Jules takes us on a deep dive into what she learned at this year's DrupalCon

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