Kaylan Adams

Kaylan Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Kaylan has spent the last decade-plus in the world of EdTech, SaaS, and digital agencies wearing many hats, but the ones that suit her best are organizational development and project management. That’s of course not counting the fabulous hat she wears for her annual Kentucky Derby party.

Throughout Kaylan’s career, her passion and curiosity have often revolved around how to help both people and processes be more effective: from her start as a recruiter for a staffing agency, to her work as an executive coach for college students, as a PMP-certified project manager, and most recently as our Director of Operations, leading improvements and initiatives within HR and business development. Kaylan is a self-proclaimed research nut and lover of words with a Master’s in English literature to show for it.

Kaylan’s past volunteer efforts have run the gamut of supporting early literacy to serving as a whale watch naturalist and tour guide. These days she volunteers as an activist with Family Forward Oregon, lobbying on issues that impact women’s economic security such as paid family leave and affordable, quality childcare. But when it’s time to relax, there’s nothing Kaylan enjoys more than taking a family walk with her husband, preschooler, and dog.

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