Kevin Le

Kevin Le

Benefits and Administration Manager

Kevin is the magic behind the curtain. He loves orchestrating multiple pieces at once to create the perfect workshop, conference, or office celebration.

Kevin’s journey to ThinkShout had a lot of fascinating detours. He got a degree in marine biology from UC Santa Barbara, acquiring a plethora of lab skills and scuba diving experience. Shortly afterwards he moved to the hospitality industry working at a resort in Guam and had a lot of customer service experience teaching guests the art of vacationing on a US territory. He then took a sharp pivot and went to work for the state of California managing power plant projects and coordinating stakeholder meetings for solar power plant projects, that were being funded by the Obama administration. This work piqued his interest in land conservation policy, driving him to obtain a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan.

He then moved to Oregon and worked at a number of nonprofit / public sector jobs managing offices, events, and equity programs; not to mention assembling workshops and putting on conferences -- some spanning multiple days and over 1,000 attendees.

When Kevin isn’t planning our next public event, he’s “photohiking” (aka going on stupendous hikes at crazy hours of the day to get _that_ photo), experimenting new food recipes, or binge watching food reality tv (something has to fuel all that hiking, right?).