Lev Tsypin

Lev Tsypin

President, CEO

Lev co-founded ThinkShout with the goal of bringing sustainable technology to organizations working for change. Lev leads a diverse team of forward-thinking engineers, helping our clients achieve their goals through innovation and technical excellence.

With over fourteen years of experience in web development and technical architecture, it is Lev's job to constantly improve upon our engineering best practices and ensure that we remain on the cutting-edge of open source. Lev began his career in software development as a consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Inforte Corporation in Chicago and also spent two years as the Director of Programming at Pop Art, Inc. Lev holds a bachelors degree in business administration (BBA) and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before ThinkShout, Lev ran a highly-respected consultancy, Level Online Strategy, here in Portland, OR. He spends his off hours chasing after his two boys.

Lev's Recent Blog Posts

Civic Engagement at ThinkShout

This election season, we're helping our staff be the change they want to see in our community.

The End of the Beginning

Saying goodbye to Sean and exciting things ahead for ThinkShout.

Five Years

2015 in review and the years ahead

Being the Change - Becoming a B Corp

We are proud to announce our certification as a B Corporation.

Drupal and Salesforce Integrations Get Some (Data) Integrity

Adding data integrity and other enterprise features to the Drupal-Salesforce integration.

Deploying a Jekyll Site on GitHub, Travis CI, and Amazon S3

Using Travis CI to deploy a Jekyll based site to Amazon S3.

The Technology Behind the New ThinkShout.com

How we used Jekyll, Foundation, GitHub, and Amazon S3 to build and deploy the new ThinkShout.com.

RedHen at DrupalCon

DrupalCon Portlandand RedHen, the leading native Drupal CRM.

Salesforce Integration with REST, OAUTH, and Entities

The Drupal Salesforce Suite has been around since Drupal 5, having undergone many transformations in trying to keep pace with both Drupal and Salesforce API changes. The result is a feature set as impressive as it is ambitious, although the incremental updates and additions have come at a cost of significant technical debt, inconsistent API usage, a monolithic architecture, and fragility.

RedHen in the spotlight at BADCamp

I just got back from a fabulous weekend at BADCamp...

Under the Hood of RedHen CRM

The ThinkShout team will be at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit if anyone wants to connect.

MailChimp adds Mandrill Integration & Campaign Creation

A long list of improvements and new features

Sign Up for Entities and Fields

Last year we began work on an entity-based alternative to Signup.

Looking Back on ThinkShout's first Year

Our initial goals when starting ThinkShout were modest.

OpenLayers Love for Drupal 7

Mapping has become a significant component of many of ThinkShout's projects over the last couple years.

MailChimp 2.0: Anatomy of a Drupal module rewrite

A major milestone for integration between MailChimp and Drupal.

Redmine and Gitosis, project management nirvana?

Tools to manage features, bugs, tasks, and communicate with your clients

Lev's Take on the New ThinkShout, Inc.

As of January, 2011, Sean and I are equal partners in ThinkShout, Inc.

The Knight News Challenge and Watershed Now

Watershed Now is a Drupal distribution developed to support the needs of conservation organizations.

Mapping with Drupal

I've recently become more involved with map scripting in my work on LCREP, Save Our Gulf, Geomeridian, and a few others in the works.

Drupal Menu Hell(p)

I recently had to implement what seemed like a very simple feature for a client...

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