Lynn Hericks

Lynn Hericks

Strategy Director

Lynn loves digital strategy because it takes a unique blend of creative thinking and technical know-how to bring a vision to life online.

With a degree in Biology, Lynn set out into the world to be a scientist. They spent time in California learning how to make wine and testing food at a laboratory in Portland. Looking for more creativity, Lynn took some basic coding lessons and started helping people build websites on Squarespace. By switching from the lab to the digital space, they like to think they’ve landed in a different area of science—the science of understanding how users search and behave online. And they haven’t looked back!

Lynn loves connecting people to organizations by optimizing both the user’s search experience and the organization’s ability to be discovered in search results. They came to ThinkShout from Intuitive Digital, where they’ve helped local businesses and a handful of Portland nonprofits grow their online presence.

When they’re not optimizing websites and diving into user behavior data, Lynn can be found riding their 1981 moped around town, stamp-making and woodblock carving, or on the soccer field with their NetRippers Football Club.