Natalie Lysne

Natalie Lysne

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Natalie is most energized by work when it has the potential to leave the world a bit better than she found it.

Natalie got her start with a degree in biological and environmental engineering, but struggled to find a job that felt like it was furthering her environmental goals. It was after that when Natalie decided to take a programming class; it was hard and unlike anything she’d ever encountered, so–naturally–she was inclined to pursue it further.

One degree in Computer Science and a couple of tech jobs later, Natalie formally shifted to a career in web development, specializing in the wonderful world of Drupal. Now, with over 10 years of experience at small web agencies, Natalie brings ThinkShout both frontend and backend experience with a familiarity of the entire project life cycle.

Outside of work, Natalie does almost every craft under the sun (sans knitting), plays the violin, and loves to learn new languages. And in addition to instant messaging friends and colleagues about what the squirrels and turkeys outside her office window are doing, she has been using a handy app to answer all her "what was that bird noise" questions. But she is totally *not* a bird nerd.