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Eliminating Bias in User Research

User research, when done well, provides a deeper understanding of users’ needs. It surfaces new solutions and opportunities, and can often save you from investing money in the wrong solutions or features for your web project.

AI could replace...your boss?

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

An app to save lives, decolonizing design, and more...

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Reflecting your mission IRL

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Humans vs. AI: The Battle Continues

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

The future of AI belongs to... McDonalds?

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

Is authenticity dead? Some thoughts on keeping it personal

The Spark is here to kickstart your week.

First, do no harm: A Hippocratic Oath for programmers.

Plus, Beyoncé got sued, and Facebook might be the new Slack.

In town for NTC? Here are some businesses you should support.

Specifically: LGBTQ, POC, and womxn-owned businesses.

Spoiler alert: Adding “SEO” won’t fix your weak content

And, Microsoft and Google’s employees take a stand, plus some ideas on how to enhance your storytelling techniques.

Reclaiming Your Communications Calendar

Don’t let National Holidays Dictate your Life

More than a housewarming

Together, you helped us raise $6k for the homeless

2019 NTC Session Proposals

Want to hear us speak at the NTC in 2019? Vote for our sessions!

Reflections from our 2018 Interns

Kiele, Naily, and Sadiyah share their experience as ThinkShout interns

Fundraising through Alexa

Frictionless giving makes moves towards voice-activated technology.

Three tips to conducting user research

When data doesn't supply all the answers, hit up some people!

Welcome our 2018 Summer Interns

Introducing the 2018 ThinkShout summer interns!

Your Disaster Response Plan

Or, letting "past you" look out for "future you"

That's a wrap from New Orleans!

A quick recap on Drupal Day and what's to come

Teaching Tolerance is nominated for a Webby!

They need your votes to win it all.

ThinkShout hits all the conferences

See you at DrupalCon and the NTC!

What the proposed changes in the tax code mean for your organization

We share strategies to combat this antiquated approach to fundraising and help you remain relevant to constituents year-round.

My First BADCamp

Amy and Jules tell us all about their first ever BADCamp experience!

User Journeys

Learn how developing user journeys can help you better define the audiences for your web projects.

Is November 2016 an Outlier or the New Normal?

We have some tips to help you keep those new donors engaged.

Your Year-End Plan - It's Never Too Early to Start

Now's the time to start thinking about how to make the biggest impact with your year-end campaign.

Roadmap to Retention

You've got new donors - great! Now let's talk about how to keep them.

Networking, Content Strategy, and Web Development at the 2016 NTC

Natania rounds up our 2016 NTC takeaways.

Rethinking Strategies for Online Donor Acquisition

The do's and don'ts of donor acquisition programs

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