Rebecca Jacobsen

Rebecca Jacobsen

Software Engineer

Passionate about mitigating climate change and making the world a kinder place, it’s no surprise Rebecca has made ThinkShout her new home!

When Rebecca was starting out, she felt successful in her computer science classes, seeing results from concept to working software. Moreover, she wanted to make things and serve people. She remembers thinking computers would change the world; and that they have!

She got a degree in computer science from Oregon State University; and after graduating worked on a non-linear video editor, followed by printer networking. After taking a pause to raise her family, she went back to university for a master’s degree; and finished with a degree in Public Administration on the Environment and Natural Resources track. Along the way she got a certificate in Community and Regional Planning. After graduating she went to work for Oregon DEQ and worked on software to allow drivers to get their emissions test results over the internet. She then worked as part of a team that created software to save fish from dams -- software that has created a lasting impact. Now she’s looking forward to helping nonprofits communicate their missions to the world.

When she’s not focused on engineering solutions, she loves to ride her bike, is a photographer, and volunteers with Represent.Us and