Rose Hart

Rose Hart

Senior Project Manager

Rose is a geek for problem solving; she loves taking concepts and turning them into plans of action. She’s an even bigger geek for Harry Potter, and claims to have actually found a Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto. We hope it's easier to find than Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

Rose came to ThinkShout with an extensive background in nonprofit communications. Having been on the client side of the table, she cares deeply about supporting and empowering our clients to do their best work. She’s worked with a variety of organizations, including the National Center for Youth Law, Open Technology Fund, Travel Portland, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. She’s worked with nonprofits outside of work too, including co-founding the Bi Brigade, a local LGBTQ support organization.

When she’s not ensuring that we’re meeting deadlines, she’s listening to history podcasts, re-reading Harry Potter, or watching the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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